SIKLA Adjustable Pipe Supports

In this video we examine pipe mounting options on a Sikla Framo crossbar, that is mounted perpendicularly to Framo beam sections using beam section holders (aka u brackets). The first two options show different ways to fasten u bolt clamps, and the third option shows how to fasten a pipe mounting plate for threaded rod pipe supports.

Pump Skid Design with Custom Fabricated Lifting Lugs

CASE STUDY: Pump Skid Design with Custom Fabricated Lifting Lugs. A pump skid is a specialized skid system, used in modular construction, that features a pump as its main component. The pump is housed on a steel frame along with all of the components necessary to run the pump.

Sikla siFramo Structural Framing | Sikla USA | MMS | Modular Mechanical Supports | a division of Eberl Iron Works, Inc. | Buffalo, NY USA

Why We Use Sikla Framo (siFramo)

Sikla Framo (siFramo) is a fully modular and adjustable system of beams and fittings that offers structural support without any of the hassle of fabricated steel. It’s also the backbone of our Modular Mechanical Support Systems!

Building with siFramo components drastically improves installation times since there is no need for welding, hole-drilling, cutting, grinding, or painting, and all components attach with a single piece of hardware.

The Advantages Are Clear

  • Fully Modular System with the Strength of Fabricated Steel
  • Installs Much Faster than Fabricated Steel
  • All Connections Made with One-Size-Fits-All Thread Forming Screw
  • Hot Dip Galvanized for Superior Corrosion Resistance
  • Integrates with Other Metal Framing Systems, including Unistrut