Packaging & Delivery

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We Pack It Up So You Can Put It Together

Our whole philosophy on packaging and shipping goods is designed around avoiding loss or damage during transit and making receiving and installation easy for our customers. We pride ourselves on our top-notch customer service, and we are always willing to go the extra mile to help you and your project succeed. If there’s something we can do to make your assembly and installation process faster and easier for you, just let us know and we will make it happen.

It is standard practice of our shipping department to label your components for ease of assembly and installation.

Where applicable, all components are nested together on sturdy pallets and bound together with heavy-duty strapping for worry-free – and damage-free – transit. If there are boxes of small parts or hardware included in your shipment, we will pack them on the skid and shrink wrap them with the rest of your order to avoid the possibility of them becoming separated or lost during transit.

Packing & Shipping Practices Designed with Our Customers in Mind

  • Identifying Labels
  • Sturdy Pallets
  • Heavy Duty Banding
  • Small Parts Boxed & Shrink-Wrapped w/ Order
  • Trustworthy Shipping Partners

We’re Here For You If Something Should Go Wrong

Sometimes – no matter how careful we are, or how amazing our shipping partners are – something does go wrong with a shipment. Don’t worry. We are here for you. Simply inspect your shipment for any missing items or damage, note it with the carrier, on the Bill of Lading, and contact us. We will work with you and the carrier to find or replace your items and get your project back on track as fast as possible.

Sikla siFramo Structural Framing | Sikla USA | MMS | Modular Mechanical Supports | a division of Eberl Iron Works, Inc. | Buffalo, NY USA

Why We Use Sikla Framo (siFramo)

Sikla Framo (siFramo) is a fully modular and adjustable system of beams and fittings that offers structural support without any of the hassle of fabricated steel. It’s also the backbone of our Modular Mechanical Support Systems!

Building with siFramo components drastically improves installation times since there is no need for welding, hole-drilling, cutting, grinding, or painting, and all components attach with a single piece of hardware.

The Advantages Are Clear

  • Fully Modular System with the Strength of Fabricated Steel
  • Installs Much Faster than Fabricated Steel
  • All Connections Made with One-Size-Fits-All Thread Forming Screw
  • Hot Dip Galvanized for Superior Corrosion Resistance
  • Integrates with Other Metal Framing Systems, including Unistrut