Project Planning

Let’s Build Great Things Together

Our estimators have decades of experience designing and fabricating the best modular framing systems in the Commercial Building Industry. Let us put our skills and experience to use for you.

Invite Us In On the Ground Floor

When you get in touch with us during the beginning stages of your project, we can walk you through the various options we have available and guide you towards the perfect time, money, and resource-saving solution for your project.

Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in building an accurate, cost-effective estimate for your project and ensure a smooth, successful installation process.

Work With Us:

  • We’ll Take Your Conventional Steelwork Specs and Turn Them into a Modular Support Solution
  • We Supply Standard Detail / Specification Text Templates and All Conformance Certifications
  • We’ll Provide Software Plug-Ins / CAD Libraries to Facilitate the Detailed Design Phase

Customized Solutions

If you have a special project that requires an outside-the-box solution, we are confident that we can work with you to achieve the results you need. We have the proven expertise to build a solution that works for you.

Project Management

Taking Your Project From Concept To Completion

Our dedicated Project Managers will take charge of whatever aspect of your Sikla Framo modular framing project that you need assistance with. We’ll help to ensure successful completion on time and on budget.

We are on hand to assist you throughout every step of your custom project, from takeoff and design to delivery.

Every Step from Start to Finish

  • Project Planning
  • Takeoff & Design
  • BIM Modeling / Engineering
  • Training
  • On-Site Assisstance
  • Prefabrication / Kitting
  • Packaging & Delivery

The End of the Project is Just the Beginning

Once you experience the unbeatable level of service, expertise and product knowledge we bring to the table, combined with our time and cost saving, modular approach to design and delivery you’ll wonder how you ever worked with anyone else. It’s our goal to become an indispensable resource for you and become an integral part of all of your future support based projects.

Our designs are engineered to grow with you. Our modular approach to design and use of top quality building materials leaves plenty of room for future changes. Our supports are built from durable materials that are infinitely adjustable and compatible with other systems. We will be there to help you when the time comes to adapt our systems to account for that change.

Takeoff & Design

Detailed and Accurate Project Takeoff

Send us your conventional steelwork drawings and let us turn them into a Sikla modular support solution that will save you time, money and resources. We will provide you with an estimate that is cost effective and perfectly fits your project’s needs.

Our estimators are ready to provide you with the exact level of assistance you need for successful, on-time completion of your project.

When You Work With Modular Mechanical Supports, You Get:

  • Modular Designs with the Strength of Fabricated Steel
  • Assistance with Architects and Engineers
  • Highly Competitive, Cost Effective Solutions Built for You
  • Expert Advice from Trusted Leaders in the Modular Steelwork Industry
  • Shop Drawings for Detailed Installation

Exceptional Customer Service

Our project estimators understand modular supports, and they understand the fluidity of project estimation and construction deadlines. Our dedicated staff works tirelessly to provide you with what you need, on your schedule and within your budget.

Integrity is one of our Core Values. We take pride in providing our customers with realistic timelines, whether it’s quoting, kitting, or delivery. We are always honest and transparent about our work capacities, and we deliver what we promise when we promise.

BIM Modeling

Modernizing Building Planning

BIM Building Information Modeling technology is ushering in a new era of virtual planning and modeling in the building and construction industries, that is transforming the way we do things from the ground up.

The level of detail accessible through BIM software not only allows for increased accuracy and efficiency in the design and planning phase of your project, but also during the building stages. Simply put: better planning equals faster, more efficient installation.

The Modular Mechanical Supports (MMS) team is eager to provide you with the BIM Modeling Services you need to incorporate our support systems into your next project.

We will work with you to come up with a modular steel structure that provides a more efficient and cost effective secondary structural support solution for your project than traditional, fabricated steel supports.

BIM Modeling Services Include

  • Comprehensive Project Planning
  • A Collaborative Design Process
  • Collision Detection and Avoidance
  • Instruction on Proper Product Utilization

Engineering Stamps

Customized Solutions Engineered to Fit Your Support Needs

We will design to your project location’s local building codes and provide a stamped set of calculations to certify that our system meets all design criteria. 

Our engineers have the ability to stamp in CO, CT, GA, LA, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, OH, OR, MA, MD, PA, SC, VA, WA. If your project falls in a state for which we do not have direct access to a stamp, we have relationships with several other firms and will still be able to satisfy project requirements. 

If you prefer to use an engineer of your choice because of a pre-existing relationship, we would be happy to work with them to provide any information that is required.

Why Let MMS Design and Engineer Your Project?

  • Designed by Experts
  • Backed by Engineers

Get Peace of Mind

You can be confident of your project’s success knowing that our expert designs are backed by an engineer’s seal of approval.

Product Training

Time With Us Is Time Well Spent

Steelwork Supports are one of the most under-estimated workflow critical installations in any Industrial Plant Construction project. Let us give you the tools you need to estimate with confidence.

We’ll show you exactly how our modular systems can improve your workflow by speeding up the assembly and installation processes, and how it will reduce your overall costs.

What You’ll Learn

  • How Our Modular Structural Steelwork Supports Function
  • How to Save Time During Assembly & Installation
  • How to Cut Costs on Your Project

Tailored Presentations

Let us put together a training presentation for you that is specifically tailored to your job requirements. We’ll show you first hand why you need to be using modular steelwork instead of fabricating supports.

On-Site Assistance

Expert Assistance On-Site

Our assistance doesn’t have to stop the second your order ships from our warehouse. We know that successful assembly and installation requires more than just the delivery of a great system. We are here to support you throughout every step of your implementation: planning, design, delivery, and beyond, to construction-site assistance.

Take advantage of our knowledge, expertise, and experience. If you have questions about the installation process, confusion about what to do with a shipment that has just arrived, or need us to verify proper assembly of something you’ve already installed – we are eager to assist you.

Our field assistance personnel arrive fully prepared, with their own PPE, ready to assist you in whatever capacity you need and solve any issues you may have. We’re always ready to go the extra mile to and do whatever it takes to ensure a successful assembly process.

How We Can Help You

  • Dedicated Project Coordinator for Site Visits and Consultation
  • Product Assembly Instruction and Supervision for Installation Crews
  • Final Assessment of Correct Product Installation

One Last Look

When your installation job comes to an end, we will be happy to come to site for a final assessment of our product’s correct application by your installation teams.


We Do Most of the Work For You!

In addition to cutting Sikla siFramo support members to length and consolidating all of your materials in kit-form, we can also perform preassembly work, providing finished components for your frames as subassemblies. Everything is then labeled and packaged together, to facilitate ever faster installation.

The Advantages are Clear

  • Reduce Planning Time
  • Simplify Installation Process
  • Lessen Field Labor Time
  • Free Up On-Site Labor Resources
  • Plan Just-In-Time Job Site Deliveries
  • Calculate Fixed End Costs with Confidence
  • Eliminate Material Waste

Let Us Lighten Your Load

We minimize the amount of field assembly work you need to do and reduce your construction costs, freeing up valuable resources on your job site. Less on-site work also means greater safety for you and your team.

Product Kitting

Because Installation Should Be Easy

It’s our mission to make your job easier, so we supply our Silka support systems to you in kit form for much faster field installation.

Parts, pieces, and subassemblies are flat packed on sturdy pallets, clearly labeled to correspond to your shop drawings, shrink wrapped, and shipped directly to your prefabrication warehouse or job site.

All you need to assemble your framework is a 20 volt drill. The FLS Form Screw hardware is used to make all connections, greatly simplifying the assembly process.

No hot works, such as riveting, welding, flame cutting or other fire or spark-producing operations are necessary, making assembly much safer. There is also no needs for grinding, hole-drilling, cutting, or painting.

The Benefits are Obvious

  • Ease of Installation
  • No Hot Works: Welding, Riveting, Flame Cutting, etc.
  • No Hole-Drilling, Cutting, Grinding or Painting
  • Universal Connection Hardware Simplifies Assembly
  • Clearly Labeled Components and Subassemblies
  • Vibration Proof Connections Ensure Safe Travel

US Dept of Defense MIL-STD 810g standards

If you’re planning on assembling off-site then transporting fully assembled to your job site, there’s no need to worry about shipping. We offer a vibration resistant system that conforms to US Dept of Defense MIL-STD 810g standards.

During testing, all axes were exposed to vibration for 2 hours. The test module passed with no visible damage or deterioration of any of the connections within it. Two hours per axis, represents a 2000 mile journey by US Highway.

Packaging & Delivery

We Pack It Up So You Can Put It Together

Our whole philosophy on packaging and shipping goods is designed around avoiding loss or damage during transit and making receiving and installation easy for our customers. We pride ourselves on our top-notch customer service, and we are always willing to go the extra mile to help you and your project succeed. If there’s something we can do to make your assembly and installation process faster and easier for you, just let us know and we will make it happen.

It is standard practice of our shipping department to label your components for ease of assembly and installation.

Where applicable, all components are nested together on sturdy pallets and bound together with heavy-duty strapping for worry-free – and damage-free – transit. If there are boxes of small parts or hardware included in your shipment, we will pack them on the skid and shrink wrap them with the rest of your order to avoid the possibility of them becoming separated or lost during transit.

Packing & Shipping Practices Designed with Our Customers in Mind

  • Identifying Labels
  • Sturdy Pallets
  • Heavy Duty Banding
  • Small Parts Boxed & Shrink-Wrapped w/ Order
  • Trustworthy Shipping Partners

We’re Here For You If Something Should Go Wrong

Sometimes – no matter how careful we are, or how amazing our shipping partners are – something does go wrong with a shipment. Don’t worry. We are here for you. Simply inspect your shipment for any missing items or damage, note it with the carrier, on the Bill of Lading, and contact us. We will work with you and the carrier to find or replace your items and get your project back on track as fast as possible.

Sikla siFramo Structural Framing | Sikla USA | MMS | Modular Mechanical Supports | a division of Eberl Iron Works, Inc. | Buffalo, NY USA

Why We Use Sikla Framo (siFramo)

Sikla Framo (siFramo) is a fully modular and adjustable system of beams and fittings that offers structural support without any of the hassle of fabricated steel. It’s also the backbone of our Modular Mechanical Support Systems!

Building with siFramo components drastically improves installation times since there is no need for welding, hole-drilling, cutting, grinding, or painting, and all components attach with a single piece of hardware.

The Advantages Are Clear

  • Fully Modular System with the Strength of Fabricated Steel
  • Installs Much Faster than Fabricated Steel
  • All Connections Made with One-Size-Fits-All Thread Forming Screw
  • Hot Dip Galvanized for Superior Corrosion Resistance
  • Integrates with Other Metal Framing Systems, including Unistrut